Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pop til you poop

Last night's Pop Offensive had many emotional high points. There was a touching gift exchange between Jeff and me, discussion of a controversial Michelle Obama tote bag, and concerns from listeners that we had jumped the shark--along with queries as to what other types of marine life we might jump over if the price was right. But, most importantly, there was a varied mix of catchy and highly danceable tunes from regions as far flung as Lebanon, Russia, and Japan--not to mention the usual assortment of should-be classics from among the new wave, British Invasion and Northern Soul genres. For those of you who listened, it is now a fond memory, but, for those who didn't, it is now part of the eternal present that is the internet. To listen, simply go to the 9th Floor Radio website and stream it from the Pop Offensive Archives. You can also take a gander at the full playlist for the show (including English translations of those pesky Cyrillic titles) over on the Pop Offensive Facebook page.

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