Sunday, February 8, 2015

FUNKY BOLLYWOOD sighted in San Francisco!

For a first time author, there is no feeling on Earth--none, I tell you!--that compares to holding an actual copy of your book in your hands for the first time. This is, of course, not to slight 4DK, which has played loving home to my writing for the past several years; but I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be that much better if I could cradle 4DK in my arms and have it gaze up at me adoringly as I cooed lovingly to it. Okay, that got weird.

To those mining for a point, mine is that I yesterday received my advanced copy of Funky Bollywood and it looks amazing. All of the frantic proofing, copy editing, layout tweaking and last minute rewrites that filled the days leading up to its print date have paid off, with the result being an artifact of rare beauty, brimming with color and cheeky vitality. The little imp!

Right now, barring disaster at sea or the mischief of angry dock workers, the book is still on schedule for its March 16th release date. Until then, it can be pre-ordered from the FAB Press website, with those first to pull the trigger receiving a numbered copy signed by yours truly. Those who scoff at that as an incentive obviously have not heard of my signature's magical healing properties.

As for launch events, I will be scheduling a few around the Bay Area near the time of the book's release, so watch this space for details.


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Counting down the days until I can hold my own copy.

Super gigante congratulations!! Your awesome writing will now be passed on to the post-apocalytpic, back-to-the-analog future.

Jack J said...

Big congrats on the book, Todd!!! I've never been printed but I can imagine it's an awesome feeling! I'm going to get a copy when the money allows it.