Saturday, March 29, 2014

Podcast on Fire's Taiwan Noir Episode 12: The Ghostly Face and Little Hero

Neither my or Kenny B's affections for Polly Shang Kwan can be overstated. And, as if in perversely obstinate demonstration of that fact, we have turned the latest episode of the Taiwan Noir podcast into a filibuster length, intercontinental mash note to the loveable Taiwanese star. Among the discussed films is The Ghostly Face, a Taiwanese/Indonesian co-production that is one of Polly's best and most unusual films. And speaking of unusual, what discussion of PSK would be complete without touching upon the awesome Little Hero? Which means that you once again get to hear me gleefully recount that scene where she battles the giant rubber octopi.

Give us a listen won't you? You can either stream the episode or get details on how to download it here.

And, Polly? If you're out there, call us, okay?