Saturday, March 1, 2014

Podcast on Fire's Taiwan Noir Episode 11: Virago, The Anger, and Inferno Thunderbolt

I had long heard tell of these IFD “Franken-Ninja” movies, wherein ill-famed producer Godfrey Ho ill-advisedly “spiced up” repurposed footage from various Asian martial arts films with footage of aging mustache farmer Richard Harrison. Luckily, I had somehow avoided actually seeing one. Then along came Ken B. of Podcast on Fire, a callous ruiner of innocence if ever there was one, to put an end to my happiness.

In this latest episode of POF’s Taiwan Noir podcast -- in which I once again play guest co-host to Ken’s accent-y master of ceremonies -- we take a look, not only at the 1982 Taiwanese thriller The Anger, but also the misshapen creature that Ho molded it into, 1986’s Inferno Thunderbolt, in which Richard Harrison mostly hangs around the house a lot before finally going to war against the mob. Happily, we also review another one of Elsa Yeung’s cheesecake permeated lady ninja romps, Deadly Silver Angels, aka Virago, so all is not totally lost.

You can either stream the episode or get details on how to download it here.

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