Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Famous Monsters of Filmland goes on a Lucha rampage, and 4DK is there!

Back when I was 9 years old and I begged my mom for a subscription to Famous Monsters of Filmland, I had no idea that my writing would one day appear in its pages. Nor would it occur to me some 20 odd years later, when my friend Ron and I toured the fabled Ackermansion.

Well, now comes FM's Halloween issue (issue #270, to be exact) with its masked wrestling theme, in which I have not one, but two articles. Not only that, but I join the learned company of Keith J. Rainville, "Mondo Lucha A Go-go" author Dan Madigan, and esteemed kaiju-phile August Ragone in sharing my thoughts and knowledge on the subject. In short, this issue may not contain everything you need to know about lucha cinema, but it will certainly give you a damn thorough introduction -- not to mention a suitable-for-framing cover painting by Terry Wolfinger.

Famous Monsters of Filmland #270 is currently available for pre-order and should be hitting the stands within the week. Even if I was not involved, I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in masked wrestling cinema. Then again, I am involved, so I also recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to hurt my delicate, luchadore-based feelings.

By the way: I got the subscription. Cool mom.

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