Saturday, September 21, 2013

4DK on Podcast on Fire

I'm proud to have been asked to co-host the latest episode of the Podcast on Fire Network's Taiwan Noir podcast. This one's not for the squeamish, as we're delving into a particularly ooky corner of Asian exploitation cinema with the odious snake murder porn of Calamity of Snakes. On the plus side, we're also discussing the recently reviewed The Witch With Flying Head, which is almost a little bit awesome. Lend them your ears, won't you?

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Doktor Zimba said...

Good stuff, mate! Just one comment; Knetan mentions in the show that he hopes the subbed print of "Witch With Flying Head" wasn't stolen from a collector in order for it to be on torrents. lol. No, not at all. The vhs belonged to Toby Russell who bought it in Taiwan and then later sold it off on eBay. Whether the torrent copy comes from the person who bought the vhs or is from one of the dvd-r copies that Toby Russell sold to fans is anybody's guess, but that is indeed the tape that the dvd-r's stem from. And he sold it willingly, lolz. I believe this is the only known vhs print among collectors.