Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drive-In Mob Tonight!: Dr. Goldfoot

Tonight’s Drive-In Mob shines like gold and smells like feet, as we delve into the two 1960s spy spoofs starring mob favorite Vincent Price as the diabolical mastermind Dr. Goldfoot. First up, at 8:30pm EST, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine asks us to imagine a machine that makes bikinis. Joining us in this astonishing future world/sweatshop are Frankie Avalon and Dobie Gillis. Next up, at around 9:30pm EST, is Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs, inarguably the low point in the great director Mario Bava’s career. This one stars those human suicide machines known as Italian comedy duo Franco and Ciccio, a pair who will give serious pause to those mobsters who swear by Mitchell and Petrillo as the worst thing that the world of misguided cinematic comic relief has to offer. (Yes, The Cultural Gutter, I’m looking at you.) Oh, and there’s also Fabian, a pop star about whom you can feel some kinship with this movie’s original 1966 audience, who also had entirely forgotten him.

As per usual, both films can be streamed online –- from YouTube in the case of Bikini Machine, and Netflix in the case of Girl Bombs -- and you can both follow and tweet along within the comfort of your own home, cell, or hollowed out volcano by using the #DriveInMob hashtag on Twitter. Please see the official DriveInMob site for official details.

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