Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drive-In Mob Tonight!: Blacula and Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde

In a colorblind society, Blacula and Dr. Black would simply be citizens who just so happened to be monsters. In this society, however, their films are considered examples of the blaxploitation genre –- which, for the uninitiated, are films that take the titles of other films and substitute “black” for all of the pertinent words. Thus Shaft becomes, simply, Black, and Last Year at Marienbad becomes Black Black at Blackity-Black.

Anyway, tonight’s Drive-In Mob starts with Blacula at 8pm EST, followed, at roughly 9:30pm EST, by Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde. Shockingly, I have not previously seen Dr. Black, so you can bet that I’ll be on hand for that one. Both films are available from YouTube, and you can both follow and tweet along with us at home by using the Twitter hashtag #DriveInMob. As always, please see the Drive-In Mob site for all of the official, Drive-In Mob approved details. Hope to tweet you there.


Mr. Cavin said...

Well I'm in a totally wack timezone, and much of the internet is geo-blocked anyway (re: streaming movies that I would never have the bandwidth to stream, anyway). But I am very excited about this movie Black Black at Blackity-Black.

Todd said...

Well, who wouldn't be?

lowdudgeon said...

I believe that was the official Italian title of Last Year at Marienbad.