Friday, June 5, 2009

Sek Kin 1913 - 2009

I've learned via a post over at Soft Film that Sek Kin -- a man whom I like to think of as the Amrish Puri of Cantonese cinema, and who is known to millions as "Mr. Han Man" from Enter the Dragon -- has passed away. For me Sek's villainous portrayals have provided the high points of more films that I can reliably remember, and he will be greatly missed. To read some of my previous posts regarding the man, click here.


Samuel Wilson said...

This is one of those awful moments when I realize that someone great had still been alive only at the moment I learn of his death. These are rough days for martial arts fans. Thanks for the news.

Todd said...

To be honest, Samuel, I didn't know that he'd still been with us either until I read David's post. I've gotta say: ninety-six years is a pretty impressive run. Must've been all that kung fu!

memsaab said...

Oh! *sad*

But I'm with both of you on the "Hey he was still around?" wagon. Good for him---96 years!