Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday's best pop song ever


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've always loved this song, but the video is so cool that I love it even more now. :D

Michael Barnum said...

What a great Friday pop song! It is so much fun to see what The Honycombs really looked like! LOL!

Todd, check my Facebook page today...I have added a video especially for you!

Todd said...

Dave: Glad you like it. Joe Meek, who produced all of the Honycombs' tracks, is one of my favorite producers. The band allowed him to use them as a sort of laboratory for his weird sonic experiments. The sped-up, mosquito buzz guitar on this song is genius.

Michael: Dapper, aren't they? And VERY ahead of their time for having a "bird" on the drums!

Now I need to find a clip of Connie Chan's web dance from Four Gentlemanly Flowers.