Sunday, September 6, 2020

No Sleep Since Brooklyn

It seems like just yesterday that my wife and I moved from San Francisco to Oakland, California--and, in truth, it was only a few year ago. Nevertheless, we have moved again; this time to Brooklyn, New York. Why, you may ask? Well, because, where I have a collection of DVDs and old toys, my wife has a "career", and when that career requires that she move to New York, I have no reason not to go with her. Add to that the fact that I have always loved New York (and, by extension, Brooklyn) and that some of my best and oldest friends live here and the decision, as they say, was pretty much a no brainer. Now we've settled in a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood and I have a huge combination office-studio that is suitable in scale to my sweeping artistic vision. 

A lot has happened since we arrived here. My mother, who has been declining rapidly over the past few months, died within a couple days of our arrival. We flew back to California for a few days to support my family and settle mom's affairs and, when we returned, were required by the decree of our new governor to not leave our house for fourteen days. During that time, my wife and I realized that we were ideally suited for lockdown, she being a misanthrope and me being a stay-at-home. And if you find yourself wondering why New York is doing relatively well while other major cities are being walloped by Covid, it's because of this; absolutely EVERYONE in NYC wears a mask and practices social distancing, and will seriously get on your case if you do not. It's like a matter of civic pride.

It turns out I had a lot to do during quarantine, in addition to unpacking all those DVDs and old toys. I finished two new literary works , my first since putting the SF Punk Trio to bed last year.  One is a novel called Anon and the other is a novella/deluxe short story called Murderworld.  Both are horrific sci-fi mysteries with a core of social commentary. They are also, like the SF Punk books, filled with profanity and humor. I think you'll like them.

Of course, in the chaos of moving across country, a few things did fall by the wayside, most of them in the audio realm. I have been terribly remiss in updating both my podcast, Friday's Best Pop Song Ever, and my radio show, Pop Offensive. If you are a fan of either or both of these (as you should be) please rest assured that I have no intention of abandoning either. One of the arguably good things about being a creature of the internet is that it is very difficult to put any distance between yourself and your web-based commitments. Just this morning, I added the 29th (!) episode of FBPSE to the Stitcher feed and very soon I will be remotely producing the 68th (!!) episode of Pop Offensive for streaming from

Of course, my new environment might inspire other changes, such as me using the term "youse" instead of "you" and using phrases like "That's the beauty part." If this concerns you, I only have one thing to say: 



Radio Schmaydio said...

That's a lot of changes! I'll missing having you local, but now I've got an excuse to buy you a drink in NYC.

-David Smay

Realm Of Retro said...

Nice to read an intelligent comment about med masks....Thank You