Friday, November 29, 2019

This is why you have ears

If you have a long drive planned for this holiday weekend, 4DK is here to help that time fly by.

First of all is the latest episode of the FRIDAY'S BEST POP SONG EVER PODCAST, which has just been posted on Stitcher.

The subject of this episode is the criminally underappreciated girl group, Reparata and the Delrons, whose nautically themed hit "Captain of Your Ship" will be the subject of my penetrating appraisal.

Next up is this past Wednesday's POP OFFENSIVE, which has just been made available for streaming from KGPC's Pop Offensive Archives.

This month's theme is Northern Soul, so, for the safety of yourself and other motorists, you might want to pull over at a rest stop when the urge to get your swerve on becomes too great.

Enjoy yourselves, people!


Bruce Willis said...

Christmas for me has always been about the traditional things, a beautiful tree, coloured lights, tinsel, presents, food (in absurdly excessive amounts), booze (in ludicrously excessive amounts), the decorations, that wonderful warm magical Christmassy feeling that only occurs in the 6 weeks between late November and early January, family get-togethers, Christmas movies and music, the list goes on really. But i must admit that for a long time now the MOST magical thing that i experience and enjoy and look forward to at Christmas more than anything else is that every year on December the 25th at 9 in the morning my fairy godmother appears and allows me to travel back in time to 1985 so i can have my willy squashed and squeezed between the quite incredible 17 year-old Pauline Hickeys truly unbelievable tits for 5 hours non-stop and then unload literally half-a-pint of spunk all over those amazingly perfect knockers, i say 5 hours because my fairy godmother always stipulates that i have to return at 2 in the afternoon in time for Christmas dinner with my family otherwise i forfeit the yearly treat with the astonishing Miss Hickey. Christmas and tit-fucking the 17 year-old Pauline Hickey, its such an astoundingly perfect and irresistably joyous way to experience the Yuletide magic. Merry Christmas everyone, and think of me on Christmas morning/early afternoon having my knob squashed and squeezed between arguably THE most stunningly perfect tits of all-time, who knows it might make you feel magical as well (or murderously jealous of me of course, depending on you mood).

Donald Trump said...

I like those glory-hole videos where the birds guzzle down 15 wads of spunk out of 15 different choppers in 45 minutes, the great thing about them is that the geezers are almost totally anonymous (as they should be of course) so its like the bird is interacting with a completely disembodied dick there-by ensuring that nothing is gonna` spoil your wank. Hey, just imagine the amazing 17 year-old Pauline Hickey doing that, not only would it be fantastic to see the bird guzzle down half-a-gallon of spunk but a lot of the spunk would probably end up on those unbelievable tits (as it drizzled down onto them out of the sides of her gob!) and seeing that incredible bird with her astoundingly perfect tits drenched and dripping with the equivalent of 6 or 7 wads of spunk would`ve represented one of THE greatest masturbation-aids of all-time...COR...WOW...WEY-HEY...! ! !