Thursday, January 31, 2019

4DK = 10

When a blog gets to be ten years old, it is usually due to either perseverance or neglect. Given my last post bears a date that’s within the last two weeks, I guess I am to be congratulated for the former. Oh, how I have suffered these many years, again and again triumphing over staunch adversity to bring you thoughtful reviews of Filipino midget spy films, Indian dinosaur epics, Soviet beach movies and Turkish comic strip adaptations. Where else would you have learned of such irreplaceable cinematic icons as Suzzanna, Sultan Rahi, Dara Singh, Dolphy, and Ismail Yassin, or of the awesome contributions to the world cinematic cannon of auteurs like Sompote Saengduenchai, KSR Doss, Yilmaz Atadenis and Pearl Chang Ling?

Obviously, this is a cause for celebration. And that celebration will begin tomorrow, February 1st, when, every day until February 6th, the 10th anniversary of 4DK’s first post, I will be reposting significant reviews from throughout the blog’s improbably long history. Of course, comparing these early posts to my later work will show that I have neither matured nor evolved--but that I have done solely in the name of bringing you a consistent, reliable product. You’re welcome.


Ben said...

Congrats and many happy returns Todd!

Remarkably, this means that you made the first post here only three days before I started my own movie blog -- which presumably means they must now be bullying each other in the same class at school or something.

It's odd because, in my memory, it seems as if 4DK was already venerable and established at that point, but perhaps I'm just confusing it with your earlier work at Teleport City or something...

Anyway -- sincere & continuing thanks for being one of the only sources of film media that has succeeded in opening my eyes to the existence of entire new worlds of wonder on a semi-regular basis. Not that I've had much of a chance to actually explore many of those worlds, but y'know - it's nice to know they're all out there somewhere, waiting. For introducing me to the work of Pearl Chang alone, you have my eternal gratitude.

Todd said...

Thanks, Ben. You know, the original blog was intended only as a way to publicize my reviews on Teleport City and elsewhere. I think I did that for about a week before I started posting reviews on it. Anyway, thank you for your longtime readership. That means a lot to me.

Mr Cole said...

Congratulations and thank you for your valuable work. Viva trash!