Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wednesday! POP OFFENSIVE returns.

These past few days have seen me mainlining vitamins in an attempt to avoid becoming sick and postponing yet another episode of Pop Offensive because I have the immune system of a baby. So far things are looking good, meaning that I am as ashen and rundown-looking as usual, so chances are I will be back at the microphone on Wednesday evening and presenting you with another episode of this fine, fine program. This episode will have no theme, which means that the playlist will be at the mercy of hazard. Despite that, I guaranty that, if you listen, you will hear a lot of things that you have never heard before, as well as a lot of things that you would never have thought you wanted to hear until you heard them. How could this be, you ask? Well, because pop music has powers beyond our comprehension--and, on some level, we are all its slaves.

Listen to episode 44 of Pop Offensive this Wednesday, March 21st, at 7pm Pacific, streaming live from kgpc969.org. As we say in the East Bay, you'll be hella glad you did.

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