Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A treat for the eyes, an offense for the ears

Most of you will understand what I mean when I say that Friday was a very important day. For those of you who don't, it was an important day because the two most recurrent of my recurrent projects became available to all and sundry on the internet. Duh.

The first was the latest episode of Taiwan Noir, the podcast that I do with a charming Swedish gentlemen named Kenny B. With this latest installment, Kenny and I again try to keep things accessible by focusing on plagiarized Taiwanese kaiju films that feature cut and pasted material from better known Japanese titles--in this case, Mars Men and Superriders Against the Devils. You can download or stream the episode here.

The second was the archived version of the latest episode of Pop Offensive, which will be the last episode on which my old friend Jeff Heyman will appear for a few months. I believe he's going to pursue solo fame with a spinoff series titled Heyman! In any case, I will be continuing the show with a parade of guest co-hosts until his return. In the meantime, this latest ep serves as a pleasantly percolating "so long" to our old buddy, brimming over with pure pop perfection. You can stream it here. And if you need further convincing, you can read the complete playlist for the episode on the Pop Offensive Facebook Page.


neither-neither said...

The first podcast I ever listened to was one you did with Ken several years ago. That led me to check out his Podcast on Fire network, which sparked my interest in select genre movie podcasts which has remained a part of my life to this day.

Really looking forward to checking this one out! Sompote Sands' illegitimate films are such a strange part of film history, and fun to think about. As with your blog, your podcasting is always as interesting and informative as it is entertaining and unforced.

Todd said...

Thanks, neither-neither. Podcasting wasn't something I expected to do when I started blogging, but I'm glad I did, because I really enjoy it. Thanks for listening!,