Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Silent...YET I LIVE!

I felt compelled to write something today because, let’s face it, it’s been an obscenely long time since I posted something of substance on 4DK. I don’t want to be like that store you give up on after repeatedly being greeted by a “CLOSED” sign, only to take up with some new, younger and sexier store. Because that store doesn’t understand you like I do... and I’m pretty sure it’s had some work done.

I would say my absence is inexcusable if I didn’t have an excuse. But I do, so it isn’t.

On a number of occasions over the years, circumstances have prompted me to share details of my personal life with you, thus rending the fog of mystery that I have so meticulously woven around myself and giving you a rare peek at the distasteful human-ish creature behind it. This is one of those occasions. Fortunately, it is a happy one, as I this time come to you with news, not of my body’s vile rebellions, but of a personal milestone.

You see, in the past weeks, my wife and I and all of our junk have moved from our Tardis-like two bedroom apartment into an honest-to-god house. A house which we own, which is terrifying and amazing. You may have read somewhere that moving is a stressful and time consuming process, and it is—especially when you own as much movies, music and books as I do. (One of the movers suggested that I buy a Kindle.) It is thus that I neglected my duty of watching perilously obscure un-subtitled foreign movies and describing them to you to the limited extent that my monolingual brain was capable.

So now I am writing you, not only to affirm 4DK’s continued existence, but also to assure you that, despite my status as a new home owner, I will not start cluttering the blog with tips about property lines, lawn care, and sewer lateral maintenance. I can only imagine that there are other blogs for that, because God forbid I should ever read one. Anyway, while not doing any of those things, what I will be doing is tucking into some new reviews in the very near future.

I should also mention that, while buying a home is certainly a very adult thing to do, I am fixed in my determination to remain the same juvenile, trivia-obsessed loudmouth that I’ve always been. The number of Thunderbirds toys and Japanese kaiju vinyls that moved into the house with me--along with all the bedding, furniture, appliances and other grownup trappings--should serve as testament to that.

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Mr. Cavin said...

Hey congrats! You have taken a big step over a line I'm pretty confident in imagining I'll never cross myself--and I'm always impressed by that sort of thing! But because of my very situation, when it comes to the moving, I feel uniquely suited to understand your pain. Being the jet-setting gigolo arm-candy of a US foreign service officer has meant that I've picked up and moved house something like every twenty months, on average, in the last twelve years. Adding the books and movies together, we travel with something like twenty-three book cases, relying on the furnishers abroad to supply us with two to four more in each location. Luckily, I never got into vinyl, so my MP3 player has actually helped me hold the space necessary for music down a tad.