Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gabba Gabba. We accept you.

As one of the participants in Tuesday's 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down commented, "Rock 'n' Roll High School IS 1979." And Carol,  you could not be more right. It boasts enough spandex and animal print to swath a planet-sized Pat Benatar, a soundtrack on which corporate rock monoliths like Fleetwood Mac jostle elbows with the emerging new wave (remember when Blondie opened for REO Speedwagon? I do.), and a glib attitude toward teenage sex that could only have existed before AIDS. It also takes us back to that oh-so-narrow window of time in which P.J. Soles and Vince Van Patten might have been thought of as bankable stars. (She's the girl who got her tits out in Halloween! He's... well, a Van Patten.) More important, however, is the fact that it functions in part as a Ramones concert film, as well as the closest thing to being The Ramones own Hard Day's Night--both especially worthy of note in light of the early departure of all four original members of the Ramones to the great CBGB's bathroom in the sky.

If any of the above makes you so "J" that you missed out on our little tweet-along, relax. A transcript of the entire event--with screen captures (thanks again, Carol)--has just been posted on Storify:

The 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down: Rock 'n' Roll High School on Storify.

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