Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pop Offensive is tonight!

Over at Pop Offensive, Jeff Heyman and I are doubling down over the months of May and June--by which I in no way mean to imply that we are being sandwiched between two flash-fried slabs of rendered chicken leavings, as the results are far less dubious in their deliciousness. No, I mean that, during that time, we will be bringing you two episodes of Pop Offensive per month rather than the usual one. The world just has so much great pop, dance and movie music to offer that we couldn't resist giving you a second helping.

May's second episode of Pop offensive is tonight at 7pm PT, and, as is always the case, can be streamed live from Feel free to contact us while we are on the air via our Twitter account @PopOffRadio. We'd be especially interested in hearing how you feel about having twice the Pop Offensive in your life. Who knows? We might even be convinced to keep it up throughout the Summer months ahead. Hint. Hint.

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