Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pop Offensive returns this Wednesday!

You know, there's no accounting for taste. Either you like awesome music or you don't... and suck. For those of you who do, there is Pop Offensive, which streams live this Wednesday at 7pm Pacific time on Thrill along as Jeff Heyman and I spin a dazzling mix of pop, dance and film music from around the world and across the decades, melding the pop of the J, the Italo, and the Swe with the beats of the Mersey and the freak, the girl groups and Group sounds, the souls Northern and funks Bolly, the dances electro and Euro, the garage and the House, the mod, the bubblegum and more. You get the idea.

If you do tune in, be sure to tweet your feedback (even if it's something along the lines of "YES-S-S-S!!!!!!!! BLARGHHH!!") to us at @PopOffRadio. And if you don't, avoid living forever in shame and regret by downloading or streaming the episode from the Pop Offensive Archives. We've got you covered!

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