Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tonight! Cat around with the 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down as we curl up to FELIDAE!

Oh, Don't get me started about cats. So adorable! Especially when they're single-handedly trying to solve a string of brutal ritualized serial killings... of cats! That happens, right?

At least it does in Felidae, an animated feature from Germany, and it's pretty great--so much so that I almost regret offering it up to the pitiless gaze of the Shout Down crew. Almost. Oh well, they can't all be risible stinkers.

To join along with us, just log into Twitter at 6pm Pacific time tonight--that's Tuesday, December 9th--and, using the hashtag #4DKMSD, comment along with us as you watch the film via the handy YouTube link below:

Hope to hear from you tonight. In closing, instead of using a pun involving the word "purr", let's not and say we did, alright?

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