Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tokyo, here I come.

Because I am a blogger who likes to keep his readers aware of his movements, I want to let you all know that, starting tomorrow, I am off to Japan for a couple of weeks. Barring I get thrown in jail for punching a Harajuku girl, I will be back after the Thanksgiving holiday. Until then, I am trusting you to look after this blog by yourselves and to behave like adults. Don't have one of those wild 80s movie parties where someone drives a car into the swimming pool and your algebra teacher jumps out of the cake. I want to find it just as I left it.

Seriously, though, other than scheduled posts like Friday's Best Pop Song, it is unlikely that I will be posting anything new during my absence. Anything is possible, however, and, in the best of circumstances, I might at least update with some relevant photos of my trip, such as my eagerly anticipated visit to the Thunderbirds Café. But it is just as likely that, once there, I will just say "fuck it" and blow off doing any writing of any kind.

In any case, don't assume that, because you have not heard from me, it is because I have succumbed to Ebola and been reduced to a cobwebbed skeleton slumped pathetically over a keyboard. Rather, rest assured in the knowledge that I am visiting a foreign country where I am most likely bellowing in English at people who have neither the desire nor the ability to understand me about where is the Godzilla statue. See you when I get back.


Ben said...

Have fun in Tokyo Todd!

I've visited Japan three times in the past two years, and thankfully my beloved wife has been all too happy to point me in the general direction of anything old movie/old manga/rock music/monster-related and let me off the leash, and thus many, many wonderful geek-overload moments have been mine.

I'd drop you some advice and recommendations etc, but I guess time is short, so I'll simply say: NAKANO BROADWAY MARKET = GO THERE! Take money and a large empty bag!

Good luck!

Mr. Cavin said...

Have a great time! And if you happen to fail in posting a ton of pictures from your trip, well, then I guess I'll have to be just that much less jealous.

Todd said...

Thank you, gentlemen!

Ben: Nakano Broadway is definitely a go, as you are the third person to so emphatically recommend it. Thanks for the tip.

Mr. Cavin: If I do post pictures, I promise to look really sad in them.

tim 8>)... said...

Have a good trip - say hi to Godzilla for me!