Friday, July 4, 2014

This Tuesday: The 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down returns with ZODIAC FIGHTERS!

That's right, comrades. Once again comes the time for us to assemble and press ourselves to the hard work of nattering along to silly movies on the internet. The night is Tuesday, July 8th, at 6pm PDT and the film is the hallucinatory Taiwanese fantasy martial arts romp ZODIAC FIGHTERS, in which the adorable Polly Shang Kwan leads an army of animal themed kung fu warriors against Lo Lieh and his medieval shark-mobile. As the trailer below demonstrates, it contains more than your annual allowance of crazy, and continues on from there:

As always, all you must do, come the alloted time, is sign in to Twitter, fire up the movie via the link that I'll provide here, and, using the hastag #4DKMSD, join me and a host of other wits, wags and scoundrels in what will undoubtedly be a very lively conversation. Believe me, this is the one not to miss. Did I mention the flying sharks?

For more details, see the official Shout Down site.

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