Monday, June 2, 2014

Bringing the funk in '014

Hey, do you remember books? They're those things you read that you have to pay for and which take up physical space in your domicile that could otherwise be used to display your Danzig nodder doll or super deformed Boba Fett plushy.  Bloggers write them because, despite the much wider audience that can be reached online, we feel that it is only by having something in print that we can have true legitimacy. Others of us are just old and have an irrational attachment to the things.

In any case, what you see above is my dear and talented friend Andrew Nahem's cover design for my upcoming book Funky Bollywood, which I have been toiling over in secret for many a moon. It's a guide to Indian action movies of the 1970s, which, alongside the stunt films of the 60s, comprise my favorite avenue of Bollywood cinema. All of our good friends -- Amitabh, Feroz, Dharmendra, Jyothi, Shetty, Pran, Zeenat, Hema -- are there, represented in detailed reviews and synopses of 70 films, capsule bios, special sections on spy and western films, and a handy visual guide to common tropes.

Now, if you are one of those hardened souls who looks sideways at Bollywood, I humbly ask that you find it within you to give Funky Bollywood a chance. I am confident that, in addition to appealing to my Bollywood-loving readers who've enjoyed my writings on the topic in the past, it will also provide a welcoming entryway into Indian cinema for cult and genre film enthusiasts of a more general nature. Not to mention that I have worked very hard to make it a fun and lively read.

Funky Bollywood is now in the process of being made print ready, with my conservative estimate of its release date being sometime in September. At that time, you will be able to purchase it via this blog, as well as from a number of other places online. Those of you who live in the Bay Area, or who plan to be here around that time, might also look out for any launch events we cook up. Until then, I'd just appreciate you spreading the word.

Yours in funkitude,


Miranda said...

Oh my gosh. You sly funky fox, you ;)

But seriously, this needed to happen, and I will certainly be lining up to buy a copy, several copies, the store, whatever!

Todd said...

Thanks, Miranda! That means a lot. I'm sure we can work out some kind of "entire store" discount for you.

Roland Saint-Laurent said...

FINALLY! This is exactly the book I've been waiting for, since my typical way of discovering these kind of films is from combing over various reviews by you, Beth, Tars, and the good folks over at Teleport City. Any chance of this getting a digital release as well?

Hopefully there's an Infernal Brains update to promote this book.

Ben said...

Splendid news! I've recently been in search of a good "in" to the wackier/scuzzier side of Bollywood, so the chance to purchase one that's big, colourful, on paper, and overseen by a writer whose stuff I already trust/enjoy sounds like just the ticket. Nice work Todd, and I'll look forward to seeing the results of your labours just as soon as international shipping can get a copy to my doorstep.

Todd said...

Roland: There are no solid plans for a digital edition at this point, but I wouldn't rule it out. In any case, if it happens, it will trail behind the print release a bit. Hope this isn't a deal breaker for you.
Ben: Thanks for your support! I hope you'll weigh in with your comments once you've had a chance to read it.

Syed Kazim Ali said...

Latest All Hot Current Affairs, Bollywood News updates, funny and lol pictures

Todd said...

My book also has "funny and lol pictures".

sunil said...

I will EXACTLY repeat what I HAD to tell(long story) a female junior at our insanely high pressure work: "If I was a girl, I would smooch you" :-D :-D.
But what? No Pedro? No Dara? No Moti? What is the world coming to?

Todd said...

Thanks, Sunil. And regarding, Pedro, Dara, et al.: I have to save some material for my second book, don't I?