Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday's best pop song ever

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Todd said...

From a January, 2013 column in The Guardian, looking back on "Come Back":

"To 2013 ears, it's a horrible record in so many ways: pretty much every sound on it dates it horribly, from the plinky-plinky piano and reedy keyboard, through the female backing singers, to the huge, clumpy drums..."

"...But Come Back sounds hugely and defiantly alive, from the minute Wylie opens his mouth for the Bruce-gone-Scouse opening line: "Down by the docks the talking turned/ 'As some are striving to survive/ The others thrive.'" Such heroic, majestic, magnificent, inspirational nonsense. Because if the music threw in the kitchen sink, then added the taps, the dish rack and the washing up liquid, the lyric did exactly the same, exemplified in its second verse, a non-specific call to arms and self-actualisation that also referenced Wylie's beloved Liverpool FC..."

"...No matter how cornily it reads, every time I hear that second verse I want to go on marches, set up some sort of community project, end unemployment or – failing that – just wave my fist in the air in general agreement: "Up with this sort of thing!"