Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A pause for a change

4DK has been called many things -- some of them printable! -- but “meaningful contribution to society” certainly isn’t one of them. Indeed, endeavors like the meticulous cataloguing of the films of Sompote Sands might even be said to be a kind of tax on society, if not on civilization as a whole.

In any case, what I want to say is that the negative moral space that this blog inhabits should not be used to tar the brush with which other members of the community of cult film bloggers and podcasters are painted. Because some of them are doing some very meaningful stuff indeed.

Case in point, my fellow MOSS-er Brian of the Hammicus podcast, who has initiated a program called Create Reel Change. The goal of CRC is to provide therapeutic benefit to people with a range of mental health challenges (PTSD, depression, addiction, etc.) through creativity and specifically – though not exclusively – through the medium of film. I don’t want to try to describe it beyond that, because Brian does a much better job of it in this short film.

If you would like to make a much needed donation to Create Reel Change, you can find information on how to do so on their website. If you are big of heart but shallow of pocket, maybe you could contribute by sharing that link via Twitter, Facebook, or whatever mode of social media -- Snapshut? Instagrand? -- you damn kids prefer these days. It will perhaps make you feel like less of a jerk.

And now back to our regularly scheduled inanity.

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