Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rollin' it over

I’m a little overtaken by life’s vicissitudes at the moment, so what better time for that most lazy refuge of blocked bloggers everywhere: The links post! This time we have the benefit of a few of the usual suspects turning up in some unusual places, as well as -- even better -- new suspects! Prepare to offer them all your severest scrutiny.

Our friends over at The Cultural Gutter continue to feature a series of guest posts from the cream of the crop of the online inteligencia. The latest, The Good Outnumber You: A Look at Heroism in Storytelling is by Miguel Rodriguez, who is not only golden-tongued as the host of the peerless Monster Island Resort Podcast, but also, as this piece proves, the wielder of a mighty virtual pen as well.

Over at The Alcohol Professor, Keith from Teleport City holds forth about another of his abiding passions in a piece called George Dickel: The Other Tennessee Whisk(e)y. That Keith knows his whisky is something my own poor, pummeled liver can well attest to, and if your thirsts likewise range in that direction, I’d suggest you take heed.

Also warranting heed is my good friend Andrew Nahem’s (#lowdudgeon) compilation of his not-to-be-missed Tonight on MADMEN Tweets – to which all I can say is, “Really! A thing like that!”

Lastly, and also limning the Twitter-verse, the official site of The Drive-In Mob now features an archive of our past Tweetalongs, where you can monitor our chatter over such cinematic touchstones as The Deadly Spawn and The Green Slime. Bring your appetite!

That should hopefully keep you all pleasantly occupied while I laboriously gather my thoughts for the next extrusion. Of course, I beg you to please keep in mind that, as great as these other writers and sites may be, none of them knows how to please you quite the way I do.

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