Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Infernal Brains Podcast, Episode 15

Tars Tarkas and I have covered a lot of cinematic territory in our respective writings, sometimes overlapping, sometimes not (*cough* Fred Olen Ray *cough*). But I think that, in our boyhoods, we were both drawn to film via the same avenue: cheesy ass monsters. In honor of that, we use up our latest podcast and approximately 45 minutes of your precious life discussing one of the cheesiest (and tongue-iest) of them all, The Braniac, aka El Baron Del Terror. As per usual, we have an overwhelming array of two options by which you can subject yourself to this auditory nightmare. Either download it here, or feast your eyes upon the below version accompanied by a slideshow that's brought to you in brain sucking 0.00 fps.

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