Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Aneurysm for Ringo: Four Really Strident 1960s Italian Movie Themes

It just may be that Shirley Bassey's take on "Goldfinger" established the guidelines for all singers of 1960s movie themes -- those guidelines essentially being to belt the thing out as if you were trying to burst every blood vessel in your face while employing a level of vibrato commensurate with being on an out of control tilt-a-whirl. No one, it seems, took those guidelines more seriously than the Italians.

"Man For Me" from OK Connery/Operation Kid Brother, sung by Christy

"Lady Chaplin" from Special Mission Lady Chaplin, sung by Bobby Solo 

"Furore" from The Girl Who Knew Too Much, sung by Adriano Celentano

"Angel Face" from A Pistol For Ringo, sung by Maurizio Graf


Michael Barnum said...

I'm kind of grooving pretty good to those songs from A Pistol from Ringo.

Mr. Cavin said...

Fantastic post!

Todd said...

Thanks! Glad you guys enjoyed it.