Monday, July 30, 2012

The Infernal Brains Podcast, Episode 13

It's been three weeks since we posted the first half of our discussion of Pearl Cheung Ling. In the interim you've had to distract yourselves with trifles like The Dark Knight Rises and the Olympics. But now the wait is over. This time around, Tars Tarkas, special guest Durian Dave and myself get into the specifics of Pearl's films, with an emphasis on such self-directed efforts as Wolf Devil Woman and Matching Escort. As per usual, you can either download the podcast here or watch it with a workplace approved slideshow below.


rachael said...

Could you add this to the itunes podcast page? Blip doesnt work for me after moving to Japan and I think the dl link is broken :(

Thanks for all the great podcasts!

rachael said...

whoops just kidding, there it is!

Todd said...

Thanks, Rachael. Hope you'll keep listening!