Friday, June 29, 2012

Robo Vampire: Not half bad

Credit is due to my fellow internet film writers, who have been so consistent and effective in communicating the awfulness of producer Tomas Tang’s films that I have thus far avoided seeing any of them. Sadly, though, what the internets giveth so shall they bla bla bla -- and thus my long, Tang-free idyll is scheduled to come to a messy end this Sunday, thanks to the intervention of my fellow agents from the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit. Starting at 6pm PST on that dark day, we will be partaking in the second official MOSS watch and tweetalong -- a follow-up to our spine chilling group dissection of Magic Lizard back in March -- the subject of which is Ho’s 1988 shit show Robo Vampire.

Want to join us? You bet you do! The film is available on YouTube, as well as any number of public domain DVD releases (my personal choice of poison will be the version found in Mill Creek’s "Sci Fi Invasion" 50 Movie Pack), and, to tweet along, one need only use the Twitter hashtag #robovampire. Don’t “robo” yourself (see what I did there?) of this unique opportunity to be simultaneously annoyed by both a terrible movie and the attempts of an international assortment of drunken shut-ins to be clever on the internet. You will (not) be sorry!

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