Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drive-In Mob tonight: The man, the myth, the Matthau!

Although we are to a one flawless physical specimens, the Drive-In Mob is anything but a beauty contest. How else to explain tonight’s double feature, a jowl-to-jowl showing of two films starring the great Walter Matthau at his 1970s peak of hotness? The Matthau mania starts at 8pm EST with Don Siegel’s Charley Varrick, and continue at around 9:30 EST with Hopscotch, a film that I have quite honestly never heard of. Both features can be streamed via Netflix Instant, and to play along at home all you need do is use the #DriveInMob hashtag on Twitter. As always, be sure to check out the official Drive-In Mob site for full details.


Mr. Cavin said...

Interesting. Hopscotch was my very first R-rated movie. I was nine. And I loved it! Much later, when Criterion put out the DVD, I snatched it up and discovered that (at least I thought) it was just as good or better when viewed as an adult. I hope you love it. It turned me into a life-long diehard Glenda Jackson fan before I even turned ten. Not many men can say that.

Todd said...

You know, I did like it. Charley Varrick, from what I saw of it, looked pretty great, too. I obviously haven't been giving Walter Matthau a fair shake.

Mr. Cavin said...

I haven't seen Charley Verrick either. The only other serious type work I can think of from Matthau, at least around the same time period, is First Monday in October, which the poster makes look like a wacky Neil Simon play come to life, and which I remember being sort of gritty. Well, what I really remember was being sort of scandalized having to sit right beside my mom during all the porn bits.