Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drive-In Mob Tonight: It's a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!

Charlton Heston is not only America's premiere gun nut, but also a helpful barometer of our growing insanity throughout the late 20th century. (In the 50s we cast him as a Mexican! In the 60s we thought people wanted to see his naked butt!) What better person, then, to be the subject of a tribute by the Drive-In Mob, that shambolic tribe of Twitter twits and wits whose weekly movie tweet-alongs have become the talk of all the finest salons.

Tonight's event starts at 8pm EST with Earthquake, in which God deals California the drubbing it so richly deserves as Heston chases Ava Gardner through the rubble. Second up, at 9:30pm EST, is The Omega Man, which demonstrates, to everyone's surprise, that Charlton is the missing link between Vincent Price and Will Smith. As usual, because I simply live on the wrong coast, I will be sitting out most of the first feature, but you can bet your damn dirty ape behind that I will be there for the second. And also, Soylent Green? That shit is totally made out of people, yo.

Both of tonight's features are available from Netflix Instant, and all and sundry can both follow and tweet along by using the Twitter hashtag #DriveInMob. Be sure to check out the official Drive-In Mob site for full details. Tweet you there!

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