Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drive-in Mob Tonight!: Wheels on Meals and Fantasy Mission Force

Tonight's just might be the best Drive-in Mob ever, as this time around we've chosen to Tweet-along to two Jackie Chan class- Well, I was going to say "classics", but the fact is that one of the movies is a classic and the other one is Fantasy Mission Force. That's alright, though. Because Fantasy Mission Force may very well be the perfect Drive-in Mob movie; it's both indescribably weird and objectively awful, while at the same time being incredibly entertaining.

The fun starts at 8 pm EST with Jackie's Sammo Hung directed action comedy Wheels on Meals, and continues with FMF at 10 pm EST. As usual, my obligations on the West Coast will prevent me from wheeling and mealing, but YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET ASS that I will be there for Fantasy Mission Force! As always, you can participate by following along with the movies on YouTube and using the Twitter hash tag #DriveInMob to weigh in with your pithy comments. Be sure to check out the Drive-in Mob site for full details.

1 comment:

Kev D. said...

I LOVE Fantasy Mission Force. Ranks right up there with Mad Mission (Aces Go Places) as my favorite wacky action comedy.