Saturday, June 4, 2011

MOSS is upon you

They say there's strength in numbers, which is ridiculous. Any human man can kick a number's ass with one hand tied behind his back. (You hear me, numbers?) Perhaps the point, then, is that it's nice to surround oneself with others of like mind. In my case, that's the other members of the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit, a group I've been invited to join whose object has yet to be entirely made clear. Will we do evil? Will we do good? Or, like most such associations, will we be happy to settle for the occasional group pancake breakfast? All remains to be seen. What I do know is that M.O.S.S.'s membership is made up of a collection of online writers and podcasters whom, if they're not already being diligently followed by 4DK's readers, certainly should be. The roster includes:

Beth Loves Bollywood
The Cultural Gutter
Fist of B-List
The Greatest Movie Ever
The Horror!?
Memsaab Story
Million Monkey Theater
Monster Island Resort
Permission to Kill
Tars Tarkas.NET
Teleport City
WtF Film

And, what's more, the M.O.S.S. Facebook page makes it that much easier for you, the reader/listener/in-the-know early adopter and hence taste-maker, to keep track of updates to all of the above's pages. Hell, it's practically your duty to "like" it, amirite?

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