Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Kid you not

The idea of the latest B-Masters Roundtable is to fondly (and, of course, respectfully) celebrate all of those small folk who've lit up the big screen, be they homunculi, dwarfs, or malevolent circus midgets. For my first contribution, I've posted a slightly revised version of my 4DK review of The Impossible Kid -- that epic of espionage featuring Filipino superstar Weng Weng as the pocket-sized super spy Agent 00 -- over at Teleport City, with an all original review of that film's follow up, D'Wild Wild Weng Weng, to follow soon after. Don't let your eyes fool you; the movies aren't getting smaller, the people are! Read my full review here.


memsaab said...

Dammit! I think I may have to acquaint myself further with Weng Weng.

Todd said...

Yes, you may! I know my positions on the films I write about are not alway clear cut, but I am an unequivocal advocate of Weng Weng.