Monday, April 19, 2010

"Snake, get the Panzer!"

When reviewing a film like Lady Terminator, the temptation is to simply transcribe the entire picture, so rife is it with priceless examples of purely ludicrous and nonsensical dialog. Still, I resisted -- just. Check out my take on this classic of Indonesian exploitation cinema, just posted over at Teleport City.


dfordoom said...

I love the tagline for this movie. "First she mates, then she terminates."

It's a wild crazy movie. It was available at one stage in a two-movie set from Mondo Macabro, paired with Dangerous Seductress. Which is also a lot of fun.

Todd said...

I like Dangerous Seductress too, but it doesn't hold a candle to Lady Terminator. That might be because while, like Lady Terminator, it features a white American lady who gets possessed by ancient Indonesian spirits, those ancient Indonesian spirits don't unaccountably turn her into a cyborg.