Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday

Like Robocon, I'm a robot who's not afraid to show his emotions, which is why I'd like to start the week off by thanking Wise Kwai from the bottom of my painted on little heart for his generous mention of my Operation Black Panther review on his Thai Film Journal blog. In the same post, Wise Kwai also linked to a review of Insee Thong over at the blog Coffee Coffee and More Coffee, which further gave me all kinds of annoyingly warm and fuzzy feelings inside. It's great to see more being written in English about the joys of vintage Thai popular cinema, and Peter over at CC&MC really gives this Mitr Chaibancha costumed hero romp its due. If you'd like to check out my own take on that film -- as well as the series of Red Eagle films of which it is a part -- you can do so over at my second home, Teleport City. Now, get back to work!

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