Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Falcon, Tony Falcon

Tony Falcon: Who is he? A pro skateboarder? A lounge singer in Branson? Nope. He's the Philippines' answer to James Bond, y'all. I'm guessing that 1978's Tony Falcon, Agent X-44: Last Target is not the best entry in this series, but it's all that I could find at the moment. Check out my review at Teleport City.


David said...

This is probably the copy you tracked down - but if not _ I see that Bloodtimes are offering Sabotage (1966) (???) in their Eurospy section.

Scroll down to Tony Falcon


Todd said...

Thanks for the tip, David.

BTW, I believe tradition dictates that you should sign off with "First comment! Woo hoo!"